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November 2012 Archives

Changes to Medicaid, Medicare could create more financial woes

Many elderly individuals in Boston are worried that politicians will make changes to Medicare and Medicaid. If they do, it may end up creating new costs for people struggling to make it by on very little income. Those people are often elderly individuals that once considered themselves middle class but have spent years bleeding their bank accounts and retirement funds dry trying to keep up with their costs. Because of this, some have become eligible for Medicaid and use it to pay for their nursing home expenses.

What about your pets?

Many people were forced to evacuate during Hurricane Sandy. Towns were flooded, homes were destroyed, cars were washed away-despite the destruction, many families managed to survive. Many of those families have pets and some were forced with a terrible decision: Should they evacuate without their pet?

Long-term care is expensive, can you afford it?

Advances in medical care and technology are allowing people to live longer than ever before. Because of this, many people in Boston are surviving into ages where they feel worn out and tired. These individuals often require assistance with day-to-day living. This is why long-term care planning is so important.

Trusts can help you avoid taxes on your estate

Many experts believe that an estate plan is an essential part of the many documents a person should have prepared throughout her or his life. This is because it controls the fate of your estate after you have passed away and no longer have a living say in what happens to it. One of the major parts of an estate plan is tax minimization and many planners are paid to do their best to avoid as much of the estate tax as possible.

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