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Some nursing homes allowed to charge occupants' children

In Boston, as in many cities, the baby boomer generation is getting older, and so are their parents. This has led to some having a serious talk with the older generation about long-term care planning and insurance coverage for such needs. While some children have done this, many do not because they assume that Medicaid will step in and cover the costs of a nursing home or any in-home care that is necessary.

The importance of a defined and proven estate plan

Senior citizens in Boston may want to be sure they address all concerns of their family before they finalize their estate. If they do not, they may pass on and leave their family at odds with one another, especially if a large amount of wealth is involved. This is what happened to Michael Jackson. The pop icon has been dead for three years and, still, his family is at odds over the validity of the will.

Be sure to account for virtual assets

As people age, planning for the unexpected becomes even more necessary. Unexpected occurrences plague those who are not prepared, often costing them physically, emotionally and financially. That is why estate planning should be considered important to Boston residents.

Elder care planning is multifaceted

When creating a long-term financial plan, experts suggest addressing several issues. These include: budgeting, debt reduction, estate planning, retirement planning and elder care planning. Elder care planning is one of the most important aspects of a financial plan, especially to those that are reaching an advanced age.

Avoiding the sudden loss of a spouse's income

Many complications can arise from the death of a loved one. Without a suitable plan, a family can find itself at wit's end trying to wrap up all of the loose ends that need to be addressed. That is one of the reasons that estate planning is so important to the elderly in Boston. It gives the planners' families the ability to mourn without dealing with financial headaches.

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